"​My friends and family thought I was crazy when I said I was taking my daughter to a speech therapist to help with her feeding issues. 'Speech for a baby?' they said. 'That's really a thing?' I have to admit that I had some doubts too, but I was willing to try it since my daughter was still at birth weight at 2 months old. 

Kim was amazing. She noticed right away that my daughter had weak lips. She evaluated the inside of her mouth and guided me to a doctor for a second opinion for tongue and lip ties. She saw things in my daughter's sucking pattern that I would have never seen. Kim has a trained eye and ear. She gave me some tools to strengthen my daughter's suck. She showed me some new positions to help with breastfeeding. Kim also helped with picking the proper bottles to supplement with until I could exclusively breastfeed again. It is obvious that she enjoys what she does. She still checks in occasionally, months later, to see how we are doing. My daughter is my fifth child. After successfully nursing my four boys, I never thought I would have any issues. It has truly taken a village to help me on this breastfeeding journey with my daughter and Kim had a key role in this village. I will forever be grateful!"   

                                                                                     -​Danielle M. 

Oral Motor Therapy
Every child's visit includes a comprehensive oral motor assessment to design a program that caters to each child's specific needs. Kimberly Griffith, MA CCC-SLP has had training in Oral Placement Therapy, Beckman Oral Motor, and has also attended a wide variety of feeding seminars to provide each client with a wide range of treatment options that can be tailored to meet each child's individual needs. 
Feeding Therapy
Working Together to Increase Your Child's Oral Motor, Speech, and Feeding Skills.
Speech Therapy
A comprehensive feeding program involves a variety of approaches to best address the needs of each child. At Functional Oral Motor and Feeding Concepts, LLC, Kimberly Griffith, MA CCC-SLP works with a variety of diagnoses and feeding delays amongst a wide variety of clients, these may include but are not limited to picky eaters, children on the spectrum, children with sensory integration disorders, and infants who are having difficulty nursing. With a unique approach, each child's therapy is specifically designed to address concerns in an effort to improve feeding function. 

With an emphasis in oral motor function, Kimberly Griffith, MA CCC-SLP will be able to structure a therapy program best suited for the needs of your child.  Each child is given a comprehensive assessment that will assess the areas that are of the greatest need for him or her.    A program will be designed that best targets the main areas of need  for every child to help him/her reach their specific speech goals. 

This private practice focuses on family centered therapy while treating the whole child.

Functional Oral Motor and Feeding Concepts,LLC